We believe there is a Center of Gravity and a direction of Providence that BOOSTS, and SUSTAINS the SUCCESS ENGINE of your  business enterprise.

It is the Center and Direction of VISION, INTENTION/INTEGRITY and PURPOSE that leads to Transformation, Creation, Re-creation, Innovation that produces Beauty, Peace, Profit, Wealth and Abundance. 

Businesses that are aligned with this Center of Gravity and its direction of providence will attract and preserve true flourishing success of Beauty, Wealth in overflowing abundance. We help businesses to find their center of gravity and strategy to attain success in their direction of providence.

Business owners are at the forefront of creativity, innovations and opportunities that is making the world a better place to live and raise families. However, they have many challenges that can limit their impact in the world


Abraham Ajenifuja, CPA, CGMA, Certified Value Builder Advisor

My name is Abraham Ajenifuja and I am the Founder of VIP Business and Executive Coaching, a leadership success company focussed on helping business owners unlock more value out of their business and personal lives. With over 30 years in multiple leadership roles across companies, non-profits and education institutions, I bring an ability to address critical business challenges by successfully aligning the Vision, Intention and Purpose of the organization. 

I was born in Jos, Nigeria and immigrated to the United States in 1983. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of District of Columbia, I began my career with Rod Miller Inc., an HVAC company based in Maryland. The President of the company spotted me at a gas station where I was working night shift while going to day school for my CPA. After enquiring my background, he referred me to the Vice President for an interview and I was hired within a week.

Between 1987 and January 2018, I had the opportunity to not only shape the future of a company that was in financial distress but also successfully steer it through hard challenges and make it highly profitable. A key achievement was in introducing more process automation that resulted in improved operational efficiency while increasing revenues to over $3.5 million annually. Subsequently, I also helped increase our customer base by four times to 24,000 while steering the company through multiple changes in ownership. Keeping employees motivated and inspired with a clear vision for themselves and the organization was the biggest highlight of my career. 

In 2011, I started writing several stories inspired by the teachings of the Bible. The VIP Christian was my first in a series of books that was published in 2016. The others being VIP Prayer, VIP Family, VIP Education, VIP Business and VIP Church.

I currently live in Maryland with my beautiful wife and six children. In my free time I love to read, play tennis and watch football.